Saturday, July 12, 2014

Icon of the Mother of God “of the Three Hands” on Mt Athos

Commemorated on July 12

The Icon of the Mother of God “Of the Three Hands”: The wonderworking icon, before which St John of Damascus (December 4) received healing of his amputated hand, was given by him to the Lavra of St Sava the Sanctified. In the thirteenth century the icon was in Serbia, and afterwards it was miraculously transported to Athos to the Hilandar monastery. A more detailed account about the icon is located under June 28. 


From Palestine, the godly-minded Sava / brought us your venerable icon, O holy Bride of God, / which is known as the icon “Of the Three Hands”; / and now, since the monks of Hilandar possess it as their boast, / they send up hymns of praise and thanksgiving, / crying out in exultation: / Rejoice, O full of grace!


Podoben: “O victorious Leader...” / Come, let us revere the famed icon of the Queen of All, / known as the icon “Of the Three Hands” because of the marvel which it wrought; / and with fervent faith and longing let us cry out, / “O pure maiden, preserve your monastery and your flock from all dangers, / tribulations and adversities, for we cry to you: / Rejoice, O help and defense of all!”


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