Saturday, September 29, 2012

St Cyprian of Ustiug

Commemorated on September 29

Saint Cyprian of Ustiug was a rich landowner, but turning from the vanities of the world, he received the angelic schema with the name Cyprian at the monastery of the Holy Trinity at Gledeno.

The inhabitants of the newly-established city of Ustiug begged St Cyprian to build a monastery somewhere near the city. St Cyprian, went about the city and observed its layout, then chose a place near shallow lakes at the Ostrozh falls and he started to construct a cell.

By the year 1212, he began to build a monastery in honor of the Entrance into the Temple of the Most Holy Theotokos, and a church in the name of St Michael, the Chief Commander of the Heavenly Hosts. The inhabitants of Ustiug, seeing the godliness of the holy ascetic, brought him all the necessities for building the monastery, and many began to pursue asceticism together with St Cyprian, who received everyone with joy and with love.

The holy monastery grew, and according to the account in the Ustiug Chronicle, St Cyprian "was chosen head of the holy monastery and pastor of the flock of Christ," but out of humility he did not accept the priestly office. By his bed, there was a stone, evidence of the monk's ascetic deeds. During his night prayers, the ascetic held it in his hands so as to maintain vigilance and be constantly at prayer. St Cyprian died on September 29, 1276 and was buried in the monastery he founded. Afterwards, at his tomb, a church was built in honor of the Feast of Mid-Pentecost.


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