Friday, September 14, 2012

A letter of complaint by His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus to the US Foreign Minister

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7 September 2012

To the
Daniel Smith
Ambassador of the USA

Your Excellency

I submit in writing my strong protests concerning the way my name is mentioned in the report of the Foreign office concerning religious freedom and I would kindly request you to forward this letter to Her Excellency the Secretary of State.

I would like to thank your Excellence in advance and may our Giftgiving Lord bless you with Health, Happiness and Progress.

TEL. +30 210 4514833
FAX. +30 210 4518476
7 September 2012

To: Hillary Clinton
United States Secretary of State
USA Minister of Foreign Affairs

Your Excellency,

In the Report of your Department referring to the respect for religious freedom internationally and particularly in my country, my name is mentioned and my actions as well as my speeches are described without me having any chance to explain how things really stand.

As a world citizen and inhabitant on this planet I feel I am obliged to express my protest since there is obviously a violation of the Human Rights and the USA constitution in the way this specific Department Reports are constructed.

The founding of your country by the Leaders of your Nation was based on the Universal values which were born in my country; that is the freedom, democracy and respect of the human personality.

Since you are an experienced politician and a person of major contribution in your great country, you are certainly aware that according to the rules of law convicting someone without giving him the chance to apologize is unacceptable because the universal law of justice demands both sides to be heard before judgment.

Therefore I express my strong dissatisfaction that without being asked about what I really said or what really happened, I am literally accused internationally of being a so-called fundamentalist and violating the rights of my fellow men.

If the Services of your Ministry had the courtesy and the consciousness to ask me before accusing me about the specific issues, I would have informed them that I addressed in writing  the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Athens and requested the Blessing of the school year in the Roman Catholic School of Jean D’ Arc of Piraeus to come into effect exactly in the way the Roman Catholic School of Saint Paul of Piraeus does. I suggested that the blessing of the school year should be conducted by an Orthodox priest for the Orthodox students and by a Roman Catholic priest for the Roman Catholic students (who comprise a minority in this school), given the fact that in the Orthodox self consciousness and according to the canon law it is forbidden to pray together with people who believe in different dogmata and do not take part in the Holy Communion.

However, the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church did not condescend to give us an answer and in this way I was not able to protect the Orthodox consciousness of the students in this school and as their Bishop and Shepherd I had no other way but appealing to the justice of Law and to the corresponding Law Services.

What else could I have done to confront the intransigent attitude and the obstinate obsession against the Orthodox Self Consciousness? Is there, in your opinion irrationality in my view? The justifiable conclusion which is deducted is that the Report was biased against me since there was no knowledge of the real facts and no mention was made in the attitude of the Roman Catholic Archbishop. In your Report there are unprovable allegations about my beliefs and combine them with ant-semitic expressions which supposedly were mine but these are distortions of my words trying to defame me.

I have never expressed myself against the Jewish Nation which I respect exactly as much as every other Nation on Earth. However, I must communicate the strong opposition of the Orthodox Jewish against the distortion of Judaism and the deviation from the divine approach to life into an apocryphistic system based on the dark teaching of Kabbalah, the surviving of eosphorism and the practice of black magic.

Therefore, I have never expressed anti-Semitic views. However as a Christian Bishop I had the right to interpret the Prophesies of the Old Testament and especially those of Prophet Daniel and Prophet Isaiah and prove that the longed for Messiah came in this world in the person of Lord Jesus Christ and the one who is expected by Judaism to come (and for whom the restoration of the Third Temple of Solomon and ceremonial and worship symbols – as publicized though the Internet – are prepared) is the one who is referred in the Apocalypse of Evangelist John as the Antichrist. 

Finally, do you consider as fundamentalism and anti-Semitism the obvious and universal reality that the bank system is one of the favorite economic activities of the powerful – in your country – Jewish lobby? Would you be kind enough to inform us who the three international Financial Institutions Moody’s Standard and Poor’s and Fitch belong to?  

Could you inform us what Nationality the founder of the Tri later Commission is? Could you inform us what is the Nationality of the members of the Bene Berith Lodge, which sites in Washington and has branches all over the world including my country? Could you inform us who comprise the governing body of the appearing as think Tank Bildeberg Group?

As a conclusion, I sincerely wish the Peace of God and feelings of understanding and tolerance between people to prevail on Earth. However the freedom of consciousness is of ultimate value which we are obliged to defend even with our lives and surely justice imposes the respect of all people’s rights especially of the weaker ones and of those who do not have power in this world.

Yours respectfully
The Metropolitan of Piraeus
+ Seraphim


John (Ad Orientem) said...

WOW! The Orthodox version of Bishop Williamson.

Sophocles said...

I was very surprised to see such a letter written to one so high up in the US government. I can only imagine what Hilary Clinton must have been thinking reading the bishop's letter.