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Right-believing Prince Roman of Ryazan

Commemorated on July 19

The Holy Prince Roman Olegovich of Ryazan was from a line of princes, who during the time of the Tatar (Mongol) Yoke won glory as defenders of the Christian Faith and of their Fatherland. Both his grandfathers perished for the Fatherland in the struggle with Batu.

Raised to love the holy faith (the prince lived in tears and prayers) and his homeland, the prince with all his strength concerned himself about his devastated and oppressed subjects. He defended them from the coercion and plundering of the Khan's "baskaki" ("tax-collectors"). The "baskaki" hated the saint and they slandered him before the Tatar Khan Mengu-Timur.

Roman Olegovich was summoned to the Horde, where Khan Mengu-Timur declared that he had to choose one of two things: either a martyr's death or the Tatar faith. The noble prince said that a Christian cannot change from the true Faith to a false one. For his firmness in the confession of faith he was subjected to cruel torments: they cut out his tongue, gouged out his eyes, cut off his ears and lips, chopped off his hands and feet, tore off the skin from his head and, after beheading him, they impaled him upon a spear. This occurred in the year 1270.

The veneration of the royal martyr began immediately with his death. The chronicle says about the saint: "By your suffering, you have gained the Kingdom of Heaven, and a crown from the hand of the Lord, together with your kinsman Michael Vsevolodovich, cosufferers with Christ for the Orthodox Christian Faith."

Since 1854, there have been church processions and Moliebens at Ryazan on the Feast day of St Roman. A church was consecrated in honor of the holy Prince Roman at Ryazan in 1861.

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