Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not every one who says to Me "Lord, Lord"...

 Last judgement icon at the Holy Monastery of Hight Decani in Kosovo and Metohia, Serbia

 "Not every one who says to Me 'Lord, Lord' shall enter the kingdom of heaven...(Matthew 7:21)

Why does this not frighten us?   Why does this saying and others like it the Lord said over and over not occupy a central part of our lives?  Why are our lives not ordered around the centrality of the inevitability of death and the standing naked before the penetrating gaze of Him Whose eyes are ever penetrating and permeating?

Is it not because perhaps we believe, each one of us-to one degree or another, that we are ourselves on the "inside track" and that this saying is addressed to someone else?  Is this not to say that we  take appearing before the Dread Judgement Seat of Christ a bit(a lot) lighter than we should?  Of what value is our soul?  He asks this to us to aid in our own asking of this of ourselves.

I say this with myself as the first culprit.

But I wonder how this hits any who call themselves "believers"?  Is there evidence that we may manifest one to another that this saying and the others like it occupy a part of our waking(and unwaking) existence, that I am frightened enough that I seek communion with Christ with everything possible in me that on that Day He may not turn His countenance upon me and declare He never knew me?

Pitied are we to be if we do not at least begin to move towards being known by Him and in the being known by Him, being healed.

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