Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blooming in the Desert – Episode 10-Orthodoxy & Ecology

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Father George Elliot, who has been the Associate Priest to St. Paul's parish, where I attend, joined us for this episode to speak on a subject dear to his heart, Ecology.

We had a varied and lively conversation in which many subjects were broached, including St. Symeon the New Theologian, Ecology, Theosis, The Fall of Man, the Creation and many others.

This is from Blooming in the Desert on this particular show:

Orthodoxy and Ecology
As the humanistic movement continues to grow in our dying world and putting man at the center of the universe, independent from God, it is our attitude which is responsible for the rape of the natural world. It is our exploitation of Creation.

In the Lives of the Saints, we see that all Creation is only possible through God. The Saints, in their writings and teachings, are aware of their position in Creation and have a compassion and love for all Creation. They teach us that men and women who recognize the dominion of God, can have the same love for His Creation.

On this episode of Blooming in the Desert, we are blessed to have Fr. George Elliot, associate Priest of St. Paul’s Orthodox Church in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss Orthodox Christian Ecology and help us all understand how our treatment of the world and Creation effects each and every one of us. Please note this episode is longer then most of our episodes and if you have trouble listening to the entire thing, please email us and we will split it up for you.

The point of Blooming in the Desert is summed up thus:

Blooming in the Desert is a new and unique Podcast & Blog, that does not just explore the Orthodox Church, Her Faith, and a journey to be closer to God through love and prayer, but creates an open atmosphere of conversation and discussion for Orthodox Christians and general inquirers.

We're slowly working into a groove.  We hope to have all the Las Vegas clergy be guests on our show at one time or another. We have had ArchPriest Eric Tosi, Secretary of the OCA, on our show as well.  Father Eric is our former parish priest.  At some point we will also ask His Grace Bishop Benjamin to join us and hopefully also His Eminence Metropolitan Jonah.  We intend to also have many lay people on our show.  I would also like to interview many of my favorite bloggers.  Some of the topics will be "controversial" ones, so stay tuned.

We are hoping for feedback to let us know your thoughts, whether good, bad, indifferent or whatever.

You may visit the sidebar on this blog under "Blooming in the Desert" as well to see the catalog of shows so far.

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