Sunday, April 04, 2010

Venerable George of Mt. Maleon in the Peloponnesus

Commemorated on April 4

Saint George lived during the ninth century. His parents arranged a marriage for him, but he refused to marry the woman they had chosen. He entered the monastery on Mount Malea in the Peloponessos, and many disciples gathered around him. He was able to see the future, and predicted his own death three years before it occurred. He fell asleep in the Lord in the sixth century.

In the service to him, St George is called an earthly angel and a wonderworker.

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ioannis said...

Christ is Risen!

My best wishes for you and your family dear Sophocles!

Sophocles said...

Ioannis mou,

Aleithos o Kurios!

My best to you and your family as well!