Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Greek sues over photo on 'Turkish' yoghurt in Sweden

The image still features on the Lindahls website despite the legal action

There is no particular reason I am posting this other than I found it amusing.

Hat tip to Steve.

From here.

Greek man is suing a dairy in Sweden for 50 million kronor ($6.9m; £4.5m) for using his image on pots of Turkish-style yoghurt, Swedish media report.
The man only found out his moustachioed face featured on the containers of Turkisk Yoghurt made by Lindahls when a friend living in Stockholm told him.

Athanasios Varzanakos told Swedish Radio his friend "was annoyed and asked how it was possible" when informed.

The dairy said it bought the photograph in good faith from an image library.

Chief executive Anders Lindahl said it had come as a shock when the Greek man lodged a 40-page legal complaint saying that the company had used a misleading image because he had no links with Turkey.

"We bought it from a photo agency so we assumed that everything was in order," Mr Lindahl told the AFP news agency.

The image remains on the Lindahls website despite the legal action.

Relations between Greece and Turkey have long been strained and at times have turned into outright hostility.

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