Friday, February 05, 2010

Long Overdue Adding of a new blog-Logismoi

I have been posting the Saint or Feast of the day now going on three years now.  What I have provided for here is for myself the reading of these Saints and Holy Days for my own benefit with the benefit to you the reader who checks in here as well.

Because of my very limited time, most of my posting is "cut and paste", with far less original articles than I wish I had time for.  This may change soon, hopefully, as I've lessened some of my obligations.

But I wished to bring to your attention the excellent blog of Aaron Taylor, Logismoi,
  He posts on many Saints but as well often does extensive research and brings to his readers with each Saint much more than I do here.  His work is worthy of reading so I would like to please direct you all over to his site.

I will also add Logismoi to my sidebar under "Orthodox Blogs".

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