Saturday, February 06, 2010

Adding of new sites. A bunch of them.

There are several other sites I want to add to my sidebar but for the sake of avoiding multiple posts, I will do so here and in no particular order.



Ekklesia.  A very visually attractive blog.  It is in French.


Lord I Have Cried Unto Thee.  Andreas' blog. I met him over on Logismoi and he is a fellow pilgrim to St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery in Florence, Arizona.


Andreas said...

Thanks for the add. I'll take you up on the offer - next time I head out to AZ I'll let you know!

Sophocles said...

Very good. Please do!

epi to auto said...

About Blog ekklesia you mention above and I thank you. It is true that the blog is in French, it may be visually attractive, I hope, however, not be so confused with the angel of light.

thank you also for the other links you provide.

sorry for my English google

Sophocles said...

No apologies for the English! And not to worry about THAT angel being confused with what your blog is about. Thanks for stopping by.

epi to auto said...

So thank you.

it has recently changed the blog template.

It is also very attractive. in greek