Friday, October 23, 2009

October is "Chip Your Pet" Month! Coming soon...get chipped yourself!

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It's so easy! Just bring your pet down and get this painless and loving procedure done for your pet. Why worry? Get peace of mind!

With this chip, tracking is easy. Your pet may run away or be stolen but...yes!... that's right, it won't get far!

And on a voluntary basis, consider getting this chip for your precious child!

As children are ever more being raised in uncertain and troubled times, the right thing to do is to get them chipped.

And if you act now, a third chip for yourself and your spouse is half off!! That's right!! Half off!!

As we all know, identity theft is rampant and what better way to store your vital and precious information than with your own personal chip in your own body? Let a thief try to steal it and you can with confidence and truth tell him, "Over my dead body!"

Other benefits of this chip are the storing of the most up to date medical records possible in case of an emergency. Never again worry about being given the wrong blood type or medicine you're allergic to!

Out with incompetence and in with efficiency. Safe, smart and sexy! With the implanting of the chip we'll give you a complimentary T-shirt with: I've Got Chip...Do You? written on it to help educate your fellow citizens to the desirability of getting the chip and enjoying the peace of mind you now enjoy! Why be selfish and feel safe yourself, knowing your fellow citizens don't?

(Government funding is available for those who are not able to afford the chip.)

And your information is confidential, rest assured. Only those authorized will have access to your most private and precious information.

So wait no longer. Come down and get everyone chipped. Fido and Pussycat will love you!(This works with all animals...get those fish over to us-water resistant).

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