Thursday, August 02, 2007

Christian Higher Education Goes to Russia

I ran across this article today and because of my interest in the re-emergence of the Church into the forefront of Russia, I felt I would like to print it. Of added interest is that the article appears in an Evangelical publication, ChristianityToday magazine, and as such, a somewhat uncharged detached appraisal is made of some of the issues raised in the article.

The article follows:

Christian Higher Education Goes to Russia
Plus: One more argument against U.S. News rankings, and Silver Ring Thing goes to Harvard.
Hunter Baker posted 8/02/2007 08:46AM
This is the first entry in our new biweekly department, Evangelical Minds, which covers developments in research and higher education.Journal Watch: Faith and Learning in Russia
The integration of faith and learning has taken center stage in Christian higher education in the United States. While we work out the implications of the concept in symposia, journal articles, and the classroom, the long-suppressed Russian church has been at work, too. Baylor University's Perry Glanzer and Konstantin Petrenko recently wrote about heartening developments in Russian higher education for
Christian Scholar's Review (the article was previewed in March by Inside Higher Ed). I interviewed Glanzer about their research.
CT: Your article in Christian Scholar's Review says the Russian Orthodox Church is beginning to make real efforts toward providing a distinctively Christian education for college students. One thing that struck me about the article was that it notes that efforts in higher education beyond the training of clergy are relatively new for the Orthodox church. What explains that omission from a church that reaches directly back into antiquity? And why have they decided to take this new route now?

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