Tuesday, September 15, 2015

St Philotheus the Presbyter in Asia Minor

Commemorated on September 15

The Holy Presbyter and Wonderworker Philotheus lived in the tenth century in the village of Mravin (or Myrmix) located in Bythnia in Asia Minor. He was a married priest, and had children. He devoted himself to deeds of prayer and fasting, and works of charity. Because of his holy life, St Philotheus received from God the gift of working miracles. The ascetic continually fed the hungry and helped the needy. St Philotheus died in peace. Myrrh flowed from his relics. 


O pure and holy Philotheus, you were a lover of God, / And now glorified by the Holy Spirit, / You work miracles to save from harm all who cry to you: / Glory to him who has glorified you; / Glory to him who has made you wonderful; / Glory to him who through you works healings for all!


You ended your life in righteousness / And were a lover of God. / O holy Philotheus, having received power to work wonders, / Pray unceasingly for us all!


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