Tuesday, January 29, 2013

St Pitirim the Bishop of Perm

Commemorated on January 29

Archimandrite Pitirim succeeded St Gerasimus as bishop of Great Perm and Ustiug. Even during his time the Voguli had not ceased attacking the peaceful Zyryani, the settlers of Perm. Bishop Pitirim stood up for his flock just as his predecessor had done.

In 1447 he personally appealed to the Great Prince to help the Zyryani. The saint often visited his flock, which was spread out over a wide territory, instructing them in the Word of God and assisting them in their misfortunes. He undertook long journeys to enlighten the pagan Voguli, during which his life was frequently in danger, and he had to endure all sorts of privation. The saint did not slacken his efforts, he enlightened and instructed people in their homes, in churches, and in the open places.

By his preaching he converted many of the Voguli who lived along the tributaries of the River Pechora, to Christianity. Because of this he aroused the terrible wrath of the leader of the Voguli, Asyk, who murdered the saint in a field as he was serving a Molieben. This occurred not far from Ust-Vym on August 19, 1455. St Pitirim compiled the Life of St Alexis and the Canon for the uncovering of his relics.

The relics of St Pitirim rest in the Annunciation temple in Ust-Vym (in Vologda district).

The common commemoration of these three saints(Saints Gerasimus, Pitirim and Jonah) acknowledges their apostolic activity in this Eastern expanse of Russia. St Pitirim is also commemorated on August 19.


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