Thursday, January 19, 2012

A time for darkness

Some may have noticed.  In solidarity with Wikipedia, John of Ad Orientum, the blogger Visibilium, a fan site of Republican nominee for United States President Ron Paul, The Daily Paul as well as many other websites, I blacked out my blog yesterday along with them.

Why?  Since I have mentioned Wikipedia, here is why.

Having mentioned Dr. Ron Paul, I would like to also publicly endorse him as the candidate of my choice.  There are many reasons for this but do not necessarily  want to state them.  John of Ad Orientum wrote a nice piece of why he, too, endorsed the good Dr.  With several nuances, I think his piece states my position as well.  Also, see the Caveman's post on his endorsement of Ron Paul.  As always, VSO is blunt and to the point.  Another excellent endorsement with some very good information and links about Ron Paul can be found at Nathan Lee Lewis' blog Journey to Orthodoxy.

What does all this have to do with Orthodoxy?  Well, I guess one could say everything and nothing.  I will for the time being say nothing either way.


VSO said...

Sophocles did you just make a non-saint related post? :-)

I think it has to do with Orthodoxy in the sense that Ron Paul will give everyone what they want: Freedom. He will make the government for the most part leave us alone. Our Church history is full of chapters where the state didn't do that.

As for me, I don't like voting for a man whose hand I wouldn't shake. Ron Paul is the only hand I want to shake.

Sophocles said...


Yes! And for me, there are eschatological reasons which I don't feel like going into as to what I think world events are auguring. Dr. Ron Paul I also believe to be a humble and good man; qualities many do not feel are necessarily good in a President. Hence, I too would walk out of my way to shake his hand like you.

And you noticed the non-Saint post, ey? I thought my title "A time for darkness might fool everyone! :)

Jewel said...

I'm glad you posted this. I recently became a Pro-life Libertarian (I was a Pro-life Conservative Republican), largely based on their platform and what Ron Paul himself has stated in the past regarding abortion and his other political stands.

Nathan Lee Lewis said... is so good to visit with other enlightened ones. :) Ron Paul 2012!