Friday, July 01, 2011

St Leontius of Radauti

Commemorated on July 1

Saint Leontius was born in Radauti, Moldavia in the fourteenth century. He was named Laurence when he received the monastic tonsure. In time he was found worthy of ordination to the holy priesthod, and founded a monastery near Radauti, which later became known as St Laurence's Monastery. Among his many disciples was St Daniel the Hesychast (December 18).

Because of his holy life, he received from God the grace of working miracles. Many sick people were healed by his prayers, and he became a father, teacher, and protector to all.

Prince Alexander the Good recommended that he be made Bishop of Radauti. St Leontius led his flock with wisdom for many years, then retired to live alone in the wilderness. He received the Great Schema with the name of Leontius, and departed to the Lord soon afterward. His holy relics were found incorrupt, and many people received healing at his tomb.

St Leontius was glorified by the Orthodox Church of Romania in 1992.


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