Saturday, April 16, 2011

Martyr Irene of Corinth

Commemorated on April 16

The Holy Martyr Leonidas and the Holy Martyrs Charissa, Nike, Galina, Kalisa (Kalida), Nunekhia, Basilissa, and Theodora suffered at Corinth in the year 258. They threw them into the sea, but they did not drown. Instead, they walked upon the water as if on dry land, singing spiritual hymns. The torturers overtook them in a ship, tied stones around their necks and drowned them.


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Anonymous said...

I am confused. This says Martyr Irene of Corinth, but then in the description next to the icon it does not mention Irene. Can you explain?

Sophocles said...

Hmm, good catch. I cannot explain.