Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A few more thoughts on Ecumenism

In light of my recent participation on a post by Father Gregory Jensen"A Review of A Realism of Glory by James L. Kelly", I thought it pertinent to post this fine article I came across over at John of Ad Orientum's site.

His article, Clarity on Ecumenism,  underscores another aspect of the whole ecumenical conversation that is largely forgotten, namely, that the position of the Latin Church towards the Orthodox Catholic Church is one of authority over us. Overtures towards the Orthodox dressed in niceties are prevalent in today's politically correct climate in these conversations, but a close inspection will reveal that the dialogues, in the shape they currently are in, are a cloak for motives other than what they may appear.

John in his post links to a Roman Catholic site, Rorate Caeli, where a conversation is taking place amongst the post's participants.  It should be noted that I myself have rarely if ever run across this type of flagrant anti-Orthodox sentiment to the degree found over on this thread.  But, like John, I would like to bring to the readers's attention this dimension of the "dialogue" which is often forgotten about or overlooked.


Fr. Gregory Jensen said...


Thanks for the link!

I agree with you regarding Rome's position toward the Orthodox Church. I don't think that, they at least, have ever hid from us (or anyone that they are in dialog with) that submission to Rome in some form or other WASN'T part of their understanding of what reconciliation means.

As for the chat on Rorate Caeli, I don't find it any less polemical then what I've from at least some Orthodox Christians. Frankly, I have no use for either side in this matter.

Back though to ecumenical dialog, having known Metropolitan MAXIMOS (GOA, an a long time member of the Catholic/Orthodox dialog) for a number of years, I do know that the issue you raise--the authority of the Pope of Rome--is central to the discussions. The Orthodox have argued for a narrow view of papal primacy.

Finally, anyone--Orthodox or Catholic--who finds what you post new information hasn't been following the dialog at all closely. The issue of papal authority has been a key point of disagreement since the very beginning of the dialog in the 1960's.

Again, thanks for the link!

In Christ,


Sophocles said...

Father bless,

Thank you for pointing out that many will not be familiar with the dialogue I'm referencing with this post. And you're welcome about the link! Thanks for visiting!

Following your lead, I did try to make it clear in the post that what I encountered reading Rotare Caeli is unique in my blog experience as almost all the Roman Catholics I have seen in dialogue and with whom I have interacted with have never been so severe in their positions.

Again thanks for the visit and the helpful words, Father!

In Christ,


ioannis said...

Sadly, Ad Orientum blog fears to call papism papism and it prefers politically correctness over the participation of Orthodox in the discussions.

I visited it once and I 'll never visit it again.