Friday, November 27, 2009

Icon of the Mother of God "Kursk-Root"

Commemorated on November 27

The Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God "Of the Sign" is one of the most ancient icons of the Russian Church. In the thirteenth century during the Tatar invasion, when all the Russian realm was put to the extremest tribulation, the city of Kursk, ravaged by the Horde of Batu, fell into desolation.

One day in the environs of the city a hunter noticed the ancient icon, lying on a root face downwards to the ground. The hunter lifted it and saw that the image of the icon was similar to the Novgorod "Znamenie" Icon. With the appearance of this icon immediately there appeared its first miracle. Just as the hunter lifted up the holy icon from the earth, right then, at that place where the icon lay, gushed up strongly a spring of pure water. This occurred on September 8, 1259. The hunter decided not to leave the icon in the forest and settled on as a resting place an ancient small chapel, in which he put the newly-appeared image of the Theotokos. Soon inhabitants of the city of Ryl'a heard about this, and being in location not far away, they began to visit the place of the appearance for venerating the new holy image.

They transferred the icon to Ryl'a and put it in a new church in honor of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos. But the icon did not long remain there. It disappeared and returned to its former place of appearance. The inhabitants of Ryl'a repeatedly took it and carried it to the city, but the icon incomprehensibly returned to its former place. Everyone then realized, that the Theotokos preferred the place of appearance of Her Icon. The special help granted by the Mother of God through this icon is bound up with important events in Russian history: with the war of liberation of the Russian nation during the Polish-Lithuanian incursion in 1612, and the 1812 Fatherland war. From the icon several copies were made, which also were glorified.


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Seraphim Charles, House Goodwin said...

Acquire the Spirit of Peace...

Greetings Beloved, I am Seraphim.
I too am sinner,redeemed, sojourning this earth until Jesus Returns for His Bride, or He is finished with His servant. I am converted Russian Orthodox, from Texas, a Nation Under God, occupied by the US Corporate Federals. I have sought for the Kursk Root Icon, seeing many on the internet and now I believe I have found it. The history has enlightened me and satisfies my search, I see God has detained me from finding it until now that it is posted here and in this manner. Some day He may grant me passage to venerate my patron saint, whose relics rest at Seraphimos Monastery. But I leave that entirely to His will. For now I will rest my weary self before this digital image for a while. Such Peace. And for you who read this comment, May the Mother of God intercede for your desires and grant your miracle.

...and a thousand souls around you will be saved. ~Seraphim of Sarov

Sophocles said...

Seraphim Charles,

Thank you for your comment and for visiting.

Please feel at home on this blog at any time.

In Christ,