Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Russian Orthodox approve veneration of old British, Irish saints

Moscow, Sep. 4, 2007 ( - The Russian Orthodox Church has given formal approval for the veneration of saints of the British and Irish Church, and added St. Stephen of Hungary to the Orthodox liturgical calendar.

At a meeting of the Synod of the Moscow patriarchate, the Russian Orthodox hierarchy endorsed the veneration of saints from the early British and Irish Church. The Synod suggested that "ancient saints of the undivided Church" in those countries should eventually be added to the Orthodox liturgical calendar, after appropriate background study.

The Synod added St. Stephen of Hungary to the liturgical calendar, noting that the Patriarch of Constantinople had canonized St. Stephen in 2000, and a relic of the Hungarian king-- a present to the Russian Orthodox Church from Cardinal Peter Erdo of Budapest-- is now kept in Moscow's cathedral of Christ the Savior.


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