Saturday, September 08, 2007

A cathedral for the redemption of the Romanian people

It was the pet project of the recently deceased Patriarch Teoctist: the construction of an Orthodox "cathedral for the redemption of the people" - 90 metres high, 60 metres wide and 90 metres long. The discussion about whether such a church was needed went on for years. Now senate has obliged the government has agreed to cover 50 percent of the costs for the construction of the church. Ciprian Ranghel is disappointed. "It's sad that no one had the courage to speak out against the project. ... There are even Orthodox believers who don't support the construction of the cathedral. They have a representative in the senate, don't they? Why should taxpayers who hold different beliefs have to pay for the construction of the cathedral? A state must defend its principles. Does the Romanian state have the right to sponsor a cult? There wasn't the slightest murmur of protest, not even from the Romanian Orthodox Church, which didn't even ask the state for money for the cathedral."


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