Friday, March 09, 2007

Unto the Ages of Ages

He who has conquered Death and is alive forevermore, unto Ages of Ages.
O humanity, having left your first estate, having become mortal, you are dead. Death is your reward. Death is the fabric of your existence, it holds you, it defines you, you breathe it as air. It you run from. It you strive to postpone. It you define life by. What is life but not death? What are you, o humanity but a slave to not death?
Why, o death, do you hover over me? Why do you stick closer to me than a brother? Why do you separate me from love? Why, o death, do I have to not be?
Sin is conceived in me, o death, and I die more so, and yet you are not satisfied. Die more you want me to. I sin and die once again.
And when this mortal frame expires, I will continue to die, o death, forever. I will forevermore not be in Him who is Life.
My God, my God, who will deliver me from this body of death? Thanks be to you, o LORD. I, a sinner, am to span eternity with You. You who have conquered death and who can die no more, I am to be found in You. You, o Lord Jesus Christ, in the community of Your Father and the Holy Spirit, forever, from eternity begotten by Him, you were when there was not any save You, o Triune God.
Thou hast been always loved by Thy Father, o Lord. Forever Thy Father has sent Him who testifies of Thee, proceeding from Him, the Fount, hovering above the waters, the earth null and void.
And I, a worthless sinner, who has broken all Thy commandments, whom You have loved, but because Your love burned me I ran, seeking my own way, am called by Thee to dine with Thee.
This brokenness only I have to offer Thee, o gracious Master, I have nought else, my beautiful Lord, lover of mankind.
But I am undone, I am a man of unclean lips.
Holy, Holy, Holy art Thou, o LORD
Unto the Ages of Ages,
Lord have mercy on me a sinner.


Joel said...

This is good. Did you write it?

Sophocles said...

Dear Joel,

Hey brother, welcomr to the blogosphere! Yeah, I wrote it.I'll add you to my links.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayer.

Sophocles said...

Dear Michelle,

Thank you so much.

Constantine said...

Thank you Saint Isaac the Syri...Sophocles is that you? Thank you for the lovely prayer!

Sophocles said...

Dear Constantine,

Thank you very much.

George said...

Awesome prayer Soph. My Favorite line was, "You who have conquered death and can die no more, I am to be found in you". Deep man, deep.

Sophocles said...

Dear George,

Thanks, brother. I appreciate it.

In Christ and in fellowship